About Us – Newton Childcare Academy

Newton Childcare Academy provides children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years old, a unique way of learning by getting in touch with nature as well as their surroundings.

Our unique method of teaching children is designed to help them create a positive self image, as well as encouraging them to develop their creative side. They will also learn self-control through our teaching techniques, and they will always be encouraged to be kind to others.

The goal that Newton Childcare Academy intends to meet is by creating partnership with families and our communities so that we can build well-rounded, intelligent, happy and confident children.

We believe that early years of learning are the most valuable because they are the formative years. The formative years are the foundation for the lives of children.

Children learn through play, as well as acquiring their knowledge by using their five senses:

  • touching, tasting, smelling, watching, and listening.

They will be encouraged to think and learn.